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City Tower


Ramat Gan, Israel


60,000 sqm

The Sheraton CityTower is a 41-storey landmark building located in Tel Aviv’s Central Business District. The structure is part of an architectural legacy of buildings including the Hadar City Tower events center, the City Tower apartment building, and the City Mall shopping arcade, which constitutes a significant urban facade towards the street to encourage a flow of human activity in to the complex.

Following its construction in the 90’s, The Sheraton Tower was considered the first of its kind in Israel; a mixed-use hotel, residential and commercial complex with an exposed ‘stripped back’ concrete structure constructed from pre-cast externalized beams.

The Sheraton City Tower is a young and modern business hotel, which caters for Business travelers and local business men from the nearby Israel Diamond Exchange. Our design vision was to promote connectivity and viability amongst individuals and business communities through creation of the a la carte ‘Garden restaurant’; a dedicated outdoor space where guests can work, meet, relax, eat, drink, both collectively and individually. Additional facilities include conference spaces, meeting rooms, and a wellness center with treatment rooms, saunas, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

As the tallest building in Israel, the Sheraton’s height, orientation and silhouette provide all apartments with views of Tel Aviv’s city skyline and ocean view beyond, providing a unique transition from the human scale to the urban scale – from the nature to the city.