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Oak, Ramat Hasharon | completed 


Back to the future | concept  

Hotel ‘Yesimon’ 

On the side of the Great Crater (located southeast of Yeruham), in the wild desert, the Yashimon Hotel was designed - whose name is derived from the desert to which it was designed. The hotel erupts from the mountain rocks that it clings to when they become one integral part - facing the beautiful colored sands in the crater. The ground plan is characterized an atrium that brings the dessert in front of the landscape. The tilt of the entire lobby emphasizes the connection between the square to the natural landscape. The design takes into account the utilization of natural resources in introducing natural light and air. Through the nostalgic hand drawing we can be expose to the architects motivation and the precise spaces and details.  

Agam 3, Netanya, Israel l | In design


one of “The best hotels in the middle east”

“acts as an homage to Tel Aviv’s thriving art scene” 

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Rothschild 10 , Tel Aviv | In design


Park TLV , Tel Aviv, Israel | Under construction