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Mixed use buildings

Netanya, Israel

30,000 sqm
‘Esther’ Project is built on the ruins of a historic urban building from the 1940s in the city of Netanya.  Netanya is a city located on the coastal strip of the Mediterranean Sea and the site is located near the main square, which connects the city to the coast.

The new building will preserve the memory of the Esther Cinema by a museum and other public programs. The project is a mixed use building, the program includes hotel, residential, commercial and cultural area. The hotel has 150  five-star hotel rooms and 58 luxury apartments. During the design we examined various schemes that produce an ideal in the relationships between the uses, in order to create an urban icon on the front of the main square. The selected diagram produces an internal and external relationship, compose the different uses and creates a connection with the environment. The front of the hotel looks out onto the square for the urban happening and at the same time the sea view. The residential mass is located close to the sea and rises upwards to allow the luxury residential apartments to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea.