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Golf Luxury Complex

Luxury Apartments

Tel Aviv-Jaffo, Israel

55,000 sqm
Golf complex is located between Pinchas Rosen and Kehilat Venezia streets in Tel Aviv, and is comprised of four residential towers and a 6-storey office building.

The buildings are located above a commercial center facing on to a retail avenue- Pinchas Rozen - with the opposite façade fronting large public gardens, exhibiting animated communal activity such as ornamental gardens, ecological ponds, a children's playground, seating areas and bicycle paths. The site also serves as a pedestrian public-right-of-way from an adjacent underground parking level.

The architectural language of the buildings is characterized by a rhythmic application of materials offset again the delicate glass skin of each structure. The office building's façade is distinguished from the rest of the complex through employing vertical aluminum panels as a contrasting feature. The buildings are designed and orientated according to the sun path, in order to absorb an appropriate level of natural and soft daylighting within the interior spaces.