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Herbert Samuel 10

Luxury Apartments

Tel Aviv-Jaffo, Israel

21,670 sqm

Herbert Samuel is a 21-storey luxury residential tower located on the Tel Aviv seafront promenade, comprised of flexible private apartments, penthouse suites, a swimming pool, wellness center and boutique spa.

The architectural language of the building is in keeping with Tel Aviv’s ’White City’ local vernacular, through preserving a clean and modern style and avoiding visual noise. The ‘stripped-back’ transparent facade also provides spectacular 360-degree views of the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv urban skyline.

The building’s facade adopts sustainable and energy-saving solutions, through the implementation of a Smart, multi-layered facade defined by the sun direction and orientated to maximize wind-flow, sun-shading and passive ventilation for the interior spaces.

Lighting Design was a crucial feature of the project and was a fundamental tool for creating a unique visual, physical and human-based experience of the space. The architectural character and quality of the building’s interior was enhanced through implementing Smart LED Lighting systems in the building’s entrance and within key industrial design features such as seating benches. The LED’s linear, visual language synthesized the distribution of light with patterns of rhythm and materiality characterized by the building’s facade.

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