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Nahariya North


Naharia, Israel

745 Units
The Nahariya residential complex is located north of Nahariya and south of the Achziv Beach. The new neighborhood consists of three 4-10 floor apartment blocks containing 745 residential suites and several villas.

The design concept is expressed through the site’s unique scenic qualities, and draws upon the building’s relationship with the Mediterranean Sea. The main planning objective was to create and micro-urban culture that fuses family living with recreational activities along the beachfront, thus providing a modern residential experience which benefits from the implementation of public realm spaces and enhanced commercial activity.

The planning strategy also focused on eco-friendly and cost-effective building techniques, with a particular emphasis on water and energy conservation. The complex is used as a rainwater holding basin, through a carefully planned system of filtration and recycled water collection from the building area.

The nearby rocky shores and local vegetation have provided the inspiration for the geometric façade structure, punctuated by green links, passageways and large open spaces that encourage movement of people along the promenade and create continuity between public functions, culminating with open views over the Mediterranean Sea.