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The Ritz Carlton 

Resorts & Leisure Hotels

Herzliya, Israel

25,000 sqm
The Ritz Carlton hotel and residences are located in the prestigious Herzliya Marina, overlooking spectacular views of the Israeli coast and situated just minutes from the heart of Central Tel-Aviv. Located above the fashionable Arena mall, the Ritz Carlton hotel offers convenient lifestyle shopping, restaurants and nightlife. The hotel is located above the shopping center from the 2nd to the 7th floor inclusively, and the residential and penthouse suites are located from the 8th floor to the 12th floor offering prime views over the Marina.

Our design vision was to adopt a holistic approach to the development of a timeless, landmark hotel, in keeping with the Ritz luxury branding. Derived from the notion of ‘escapism and freedom’, our main objective was to create a more personalized guest experience, transporting people to a setting of beauty and elegance that is intrinsically woven in to the rich surrounding landscape. Our interior design proposals focused on the notion of unique ‘water and zen’ guest experiences, where the thresholds between public hotel areas and private spaces are downplayed to introduce a feeling of openness, informality and relaxation. The palette of colours for interior finishes were inspired by ‘colors of the ocean’ - bronze, beige, taupe, blue and metallic-drawing on textures and tones from the natural environment.