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Public- Curthouses

Jerusalem, Israel

41,500 sqm

The Courthouse is located in Jerusalem adjacent to the Supreme Court, with the building’s public entrance constituting a significant urban facade towards the Shazar Street. The interior street which penetrates the four stone-clad buildings forms the main public thoroughfare of the development by encouraging efficient flow of people between public functions and acting as a natural continuation of the existing public square and landscaped gardens.

In spite of the site’s irregular shape and steep topography, the design fully maximizes the square footage of the building plot, and thus maintains a modest scale and proportion that is sensitive to the adjacent building heights.

The jurisdictional floors and various courthouses employ simple planning principles that have been distilled in to the design of a “courtyard block” typology for the entire development. The planning system stipulates that all additional public functions including offices, audients receptions and secretaries are located around the external courtyard spaces or along the outer perimeter facades to ensure the interior space receives an abundance of natural light, which can be further controlled and diffused through the insertion of glass fronts and shutters.