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Kiryat Anavim, Israel


16,000 sqm

Cramim Isrotel is a spa Resort located in the Jerusalem Mountains and is surrounded by historic monasteries, boutique wineries, natural springs and hidden pathways. The resort includes 155 rooms and luxury suites, with each room offering panoramic views of the surrounding pastoral hills from large open verandas.

The main restaurant is located on the first floor and is adjacent to a large open-air dining terrace, where guests can enjoy a variety of boutique wines from nearby specialist wineries.

Derived from the notion of ‘escapism and freedom’, our main objective was to create a more personalized guest experience, transporting people to a setting of beauty and elegance that is intrinsically woven in to the rich surrounding landscape. The hotel features reflective mirrored walls, vertical gardens and ornamental ponds designed to enhance the sense of ‘Zen’ and escape from daily life. The hotel lobby is lined by transparent glass partition walls and cladded with dark basalt stone, to emulate the local geology and geographical significance of the site. By introducing rustic, intimate materials and lighting sources in to the space, the project synthesizes with the surrounding stone landscape.

In collaboration with IDG, Guy Igra Architects. Interior by Studio Gaya.
Photos by Itay Sikolski.