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Hayarkon 37

Mixed use buildings 

Tel-Aviv, Israel

20,000 sqm

Hayarkon 37 is a site located near the beach of Tel Aviv, on a busy street with intense urban traffic. The building connects the coastal strip with the Kerem Hateimanim neighborhood and the Carmel market. The mixed of uses project includes hotel, residential and retail that appear as three connected volumes. The composition consists of three cubes sited in a different hierarchy, one cube is attached to the ground, the other hovering above and the third detached and rising up. The connection points of the cubes are used by the public functions, such as a public atrium overlooking Hayarkon Street and the margins will be used for private spaces such as apartments and hotel rooms, which will enjoy from the sea view. The three volumes were given a different characterization to suit the needs of the program, the hotel was given an infinity pool on the roof that blends in with the sea view and the residence was given a patio that produces circulation of air. The three cubes are complement building that allows for each program to exist according to the needs. At the same time, the overlapping points create a connection between different movements and visitors, between the tourist and the resident and between the beach and Tel Aviv streets.