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Pituach by the sea - Phase A

Luxury Apartments

Herzliya, Israel


17,150 sqm

Pituach by the Sea is a residential complex surrounded by large green public areas, rich vegetation, parks, commercial functions, hotels, restaurants and cafes, in close proximity to Herzliya Pituach Marina. This area of Herzliya serves as a satellite city for high-end hi-tech companies, with retail and restaurants lining the ground floors of high-rise office buildings in a dense setting.

The project consists of two 6-storey buildings with 68 apartments, luxury penthouses, a wellness centre and a private pool. The structure is subdivided in to 27 units each embodying their own character, thus enabling residents to identify with their unit in an individual and customizable way. Complexity is implemented in to the interior and exterior design elements, through employed a multi-layered façade of various contrasting materials, such as sandstone, wood and glass. The building’s sun shading capacity is enhanced through the insertion of dynamic shading partition features, including mechanical wooden shutters on the large open balconies facing the Marina.