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Public Offices

 Ra’ananna, Israel

18,000 sqm

The Sap building was designed as office spaces and mixed-use functions, with the primary design objective to create vertical green links between the basement level and the roof system, thus bringing natural daylight and wind ventilation in to the office environment. The vertical green link culminates with a large roof top garden providing outdoor seating areas for the office workers.

The project was designed for the benefit of the workers, with imaginative solutions for assistive learning, communal working and micro-climate learning customized to the individual. The permeable open plan works spaces encourage efficient movement and interaction of people, which is further enhanced through large double-height spaces, level changes and collaborative work spaces.

The building’s skin is characterized by a simple glass cube, whose transparency exposes the internal complexity of the office floors and level changes. The delicate glass skin emphasizes the horizontality of the building levels, and act in juxtaposition with the characteristic white vertical stripes of the building’s facade.