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Swarovski Boutique 

Resorts & Leisure Hotels

Ein Bokek, Israel


8,000 sqm

The Luxury Hotel of Svarovsky is located in the unique desert terrain of the Dead Sea, 400 meters below sea level. The design draws inspiration from the desert resources and from the nearby Mountains of Moab to the East and the Judean Mountains to the West.

The resort includes 50 luxury suites, with each room offering a private pool and panoramic views of the Judean Mountains from large open verandas. The guest suites are independent and customizable, allowing each room to embody its own character with a variety of units to choose from. The hotel also features exclusive functions including a boutique spa and a shared outdoor swimming pool overlooking the desert landscape.

From the ground level, retail and commerce lines the outer perimeter of the Hotel, with the building opening at the center to create a large garden patio, where informal seating areas and intimate corners are created, all shaped by human movement through the resort.

Our public realm proposals focused on the notion of a creating a ‘Living Oasis’ with an abundance of water features that provide a welcome contrast from the hot, dry desert climate, to introduce a feeling of openness, relaxation, and a peaceful connection to the landscape.

Placed within the Dead Sea’s very challenging climatic environment, the Hotel’s ‘Oasis’ micro-climate demonstrates what can be achieved even in hot and arid conditions. Our design mobilizes the desert’s most abundant forces of energy so that we can learn new ways of sensing and experiencing our environment.