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The Den 

Urban & Business Hotels

 Bangalore, India


22,000 sqm

The Den Hotel is located in the Central Business District of Bangalore, India. The building contains 226 rooms, a large conference hall, fitness facilities, a spa, an infinity pool and dining facilities where the boundaries between interior and exterior are eliminated through the introduction of a glazed separation wall which connects the inner and outer space, offering expansive views overlooking the city.

The tower is situation on a large plinth containing all the public spaces of the hotel, the perimeter of which is lined by a public garden that contains segregated private zones. The entrance threshold of the lobby is defined from the main street through insertion of an infinity reflection pool, which acts as a physical, yet permeable separation from the street and opens vistas to the tower beyond.
The hotel’s architecture is derived from Bangalore’s local vernacular, by characterizing the city’s local building materials and reinterpreting them in a modern way. The richness of the building is expressed through elaborate design, employing rich materials with a warm palette of colors, that creates a meaningful dialogue with the local context and a continuity of design between the interior and exterior elements. The exterior of the building is further defined by a glass sun-shading mechanism which gives the façade form and distinction in the landscape, as is often perceived by the public as the most characteristic feature of the project.